Storybubble:  Escape Your Bubble

What is Storybubble?

The world is full of wonderful, world-changing people doing wonderful world-changing things. We find those people and tell their stories on video.

But we don't stop there. A good story spreads like wildfire. Tell someone a story that means something to them, and they will tell their friends and their friends' friends and soon the whole world knows. This is how good marketing happens. Our stories are sponsored by the companies and non-profits who made those stories possible, and that sponsorship pays dividends in the form of widespread brand exposure.

Some people call this viral. We call it a bubble. Our story bubbles float across the internet and social media, attracting attention and generating engagement. Bubbles get people excited — they stop what they are doing and chase them around. The same things happens with our stories: People get excited. And then they ask for more.

No matter what business you're in, your organization needs a good bubble. Chances are, you've already done something world changing. Why not tell the world?

We are Storybubble. We've told world-changing stories about solar power, life-changing health care, and silver coins, and our videos get passed around by hundreds of thousands of people. Our stories have big bubbles, and we are experts at sending those bubbles around the world.

Need help finding a story? Want to blow a bubble that will draw a crowd? Contact us today, and we'll help you see how your organization can change the world.