Storybubble:  Escape Your Bubble

What is Storybubble?

We make videos. Videos that get attention; videos that deliver your message; videos that sell your product.

No matter what video you're making, it needs a story to hold attention. Stories are everywhere. A story can tell people who you are, convince people to get to know you, or describe how to use your product. Whatever the story, it will be remembered if it's well told, and Storybubble tells good stories.

A story needs a bubble. What's a bubble? A sphere of influence. A video without a bubble is like a street musician busking for spare change: Nobody cares what he's playing. That musician has a much bigger bubble when he's a rockstar playing a sold out stadium tour. The people who watch your video are your bubble, and they're just as important as the story itself.

We are Storybubble. Our videos tell stories with big bubbles, and we are experts at finding an audience for your story.